Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Catholic Social Teaching

The Catholic Church proclaims that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. This belief is the foundation of all the principles of our social teaching. In our society, human life is under direct attack from abortion and euthanasia. The value of human life is being threatened by cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and the use of the death penalty. The intentional targeting of civilians in war or terrorist attacks is always wrong. Catholic teaching also calls on us to work to avoid war. Nations must protect the right to life by finding increasingly effective ways to prevent conflicts and resolve them by peaceful means. We believe that every person is precious, that people are more important than things, and that the measure of every institution is whether it threatens or enhances the life and dignity of the human person.

More on Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Click here for a list of Crisis Pregnancy Centers within the Diocese of Orlando. (Spanish)

Take Action

Beginning of Life

  • Participate in the annual March for Life; either the national march in Washington D.C or the local march in St. Augustine. Every year our office organizes a trip to St. Augustine for the March for Life.
  • Participate in Laps for Life, a walk-a-thon and fundraiser for ultrasound equipment and support for crisis pregnancy centers in the Diocese of Orlando. Sponsored by 70 Knights of Columbus councils.
  • Participate in 40 days for life full of prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil to end abortion.
  • Donate your time or needed materials to one of the area pregnancy centers.
  • Promote Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard post abortion healing and reconciliation process

Bioethics and Stem Cell Research

  • Support Adult Stem Cell Research
  • Write to your legislators on the need for ethical research practices
  • Host a Stem Cell seminar at your parish by contacting the Office of Advocacy and Justice. All seminars are FREE and will be scheduled to accommodate your parish.


  • Take steps to ensure that your parish and liturgies are accessible to all peoples.
  • Workshops for Interpreters
  • Advocate for public policies that promote the rights of those with disabilities, especially the unborn
  • Educate yourself and your parish on how to be a welcoming, inclusive community

End of Life

  • Fill out a Catholic Living Will and discuss your wishes with your family
  • Host a Living Will workshop at your parish
  • Volunteer at a local nursing home

Death Penalty

  • Take part in a Prayer Vigil happening in your area scheduled the day of an execution
  • Write to your state legislators and urge them to abolish the death penalty
  • Host a Death Penalty workshop at your parish.