IMG_7902In a reflection taken from “Through the Year with Pope Francis”, our beloved Holy Father states that the Church must be a place of mercy. As a part of the Diocese of Orlando, Catholic Charities of Central Florida must be, and is, a place of mercy.

Coming through our doors, our guests must feel welcomed, loved, cared for and encouraged. People who enter are in great need of the love of God, consolation and hope.  It is our privilege to be an instrument of mercy and we learn much from the poor who have experienced suffering as our Lord Jesus Christ experienced suffering.

For some of us, we have walked in the footsteps of those we serve, whether experiencing hunger, homelessness, unmet healthcare needs or being strangers in an unfamiliar setting. For others, we know family members or friends who have experienced such hardships.

Your time spent donating and packing food at a pantry helps feed families throughout the year. Your donation of a gift card helps a single parent pay for gas to drive to work each day. The financial support your provide helps a family stay in their home.

As channels of mercy, each of us is extending God’s compassion and love to His precious children – especially the ones who are most in need.