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Derrick Clow, Semoran Food Pantry Manager accepted the “Lead Award” from the Second Harvest Food Bank on behalf of Catholic Charities.

On Feb. 24, we received the “Lead Award” from the Second Harvest Food Bank during the Partner Network Conference in Orlando. The Agency Relations Department of Second Harvest Food Bank selected us to be first recipient of this newly established award. Below is their explanation for why we were selected for this honor:

The mission and vision give a little insight into Catholic Charities. The Mission is to provide vital social services to people in need regardless of their religious, social or economic background, to improve the lives of individuals, families and the community. The Vision is that every person’s basic human needs are met through love and empowerment.

Catholic Charities offers numerous services within their program, which is one of the reasons we choose them to be in the Lead category. Not only do they offer different services, but they work with other agencies in collaboration to help with their mission and vision.

They have an emergency family services program which offers food assistance, financial assistance, and case management. They tend to look at the client in a holistic manner, and realize that there may be a few needs that have to be met when reaching the clients they serve. Out of the food pantry they operate they distributed over 330,000 pounds of food they received from Second Harvest.

Another program that Catholic Charities operates is the Family Stability Initiative which provides 3-6 months of intensive case management in the Orange County office to help at-risk families with school aged children regain self-sufficiency. The program is designed to help families identify the root cause of their financial crisis, develop a plan to achieve their long-term goals and improve their child’s school attendance and performance.

These above mentioned programs do not even begin to cover all that Catholic Charities does for the community, and those in need. Having the multitude of programs for the people that they serve requires the ability to work with other non-profits and other providers in the area.

We are glad to have Catholic Charities as a partner agency, and proud to call them a leader.