“Our faith requires a greater sensitivity and commitment to our fellow humans who suffer from mental illness as well as a greater responsibility on our part to recognize their importance to the community and especially communities of faith. In a society that judges a person on the value of what he or she produces, the person living with mental illness is easily seen merely as a burden on society. The temptation is to isolate or marginalize. As Christians, then, we are called unceasingly to affirm their dignity as human beings made in the image and likeness of God, and to recognize their value to the community.”  – The Person with Mental Illness:  Bearing God’s Image,  by Rev. Richard Gill, L.C.

“We are a single flock under the care of a single shepherd. There can be no separate Church for persons with disabilities.” – Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities (1999)



  • Take steps to ensure that your parish and liturgies are accessible to all peoples.
  • Workshops for Interpreters
  • Advocate for public policies that promote the rights of those with disabilities, especially the unborn
  • Educate yourself and your parish on how to be a welcoming, inclusive community
  • Large Print Sacramentaries – When looking for large print sacramentaries, come to NCPD (National Catholic Partnership on Disabilities)  for font sizes 24, 34 and 44 print versions and for the lectionary on CD, formatted in all three sizes to print as you need. For more information contact Janice Benton, Project Manager at jbenton@ncpd.org or 202.529.2933.


Contact our office for a copy of the following

  • Opening Doors workshop
  • ‘In My Brother’s Shoes’ – Disabilities awareness workshop
  • ‘Welcome to My World’ – Simulation workshop designed to raise awareness of the needs and potential of persons with disabilities
  • ‘Welcome One, Welcome All’ – Inclusive religious education program