Disaster Relief Services

Who We Are

Our Disaster Relief Services are designed to help families before, during and after a tragedy hits through resources including:

  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Case management
  • Behavioral health support
  • Safety and disaster preparation tips and materials
  • Distribution sites

We coordinate with parishes, Diocesan facilities and risk management officials to help prepare for emergency situations like hurricanes, tornadoes, forest/brush fires, flooding, terrorist attacks, etc. Contact us at disasterrelief@cflcc.org.

Example Emergency Plan

  • Identify a hardened room inside the home for safety during a storm and a location outside the home for the family to meet in the event the house must be evacuated quickly
  • Use a sealable 5 gallon bucket to hold a disaster kit that includes enough food, water, and hygiene products for one week
  • Place important documents in Ziploc bags and keep with your disaster kit
  • Purchase extra batteries for flashlights and radios
  • Ensure you have a car charger for cell phones or purchase a power pack
  • Keep the car’s gas tank full to avoid long lines at the gas station in the hours before a hurricane

We’re Certified!

Our Disaster Relief team and many of our Catholic Charities staff are FEMA certified emergency responders. This means we have the clearance to enter areas during an emergency or catastrophic event after law enforcement, Emergency operations centers and FEMA open them to responders to provide support to people in need.