A two year grant from Dr. Phillips Charities totaling $99,639.50 is allowing us to expand services at Pathways to Care (PTC) and launch a new program called Step 2. PTC serves homeless men and women, including veterans, who are recovering from illness or injury.

The new program is housed in a separate living space at PTC in Casselberry where ten new beds will give homeless men the additional time and support they need to learn how to safely manage their chronic conditions and receive assistance to apply for benefits and secure permanent housing.

The program is offering hope to men like Donald who is learning how to manage diabetes and perform daily tasks after a recent amputation.

“I never had health insurance so I never went to the doctor. I didn’t know what to expect coming to Pathways to Care, but without them, I know I’d be on the streets. They are basically teaching me how to take care of myself and I’m also learning patience. It’s a big adjustment, but they’re helping me every step of the way,” said Donald.

Without PTC, homeless men and women often have no choice but to live on the streets after being treated at a hospital. PTC allows this fragile population to recover in a safe environment and also learn to become self-sufficient. While 90 percent or more of PTC residents are successfully connected with long-term housing, those who cannot work and do not have disability income have a difficult, if not impossible, time securing permanent housing.

“These residents are not likely to succeed or remain healthy if they are discharged to a shelter or return to living on the street. With Step 2, we are able to provide stability to the homeless men who fall into this category,” said Dawn Zinger, Administrator at PTC.

“Dr. Phillips Charities remains committed to helping others help themselves. We are proud to partner with Catholic Charities to increase valuable services for men and women, including veterans, in Central Florida,” said Ken Robinson, Dr. Phillips Charities President.