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ORLANDO | After months of renovation, Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s headquarters building in Orlando, was blessed by Bishop John Noonan March 24, 2023. The building was renovated due to severe water damage in 2022. Throughout the lengthy process, staffers were dispersed to different areas to continue their ministries.

“Our team members experienced displacement, and several moves many times during our sojourn from our building,” said Deacon Gary Tester, president of Catholic Charities. “Just as some of our clients experience uncertainty about tomorrow, so too did some of our staff members.”

Although the ministries were separated, Deacon Wilmar Rojas, director of operations, included, “Many people from all ministries, including (diocesan) staff were brought together with one purpose through their individual efforts and collaboration. What was a challenge at the time has turned into an exemplary accomplishment.”

The permanent, new and clean space provided staff with a new sense of pride and stability. Deacon Rojas hopes the newly remodeled building will be a “beacon of light and hope to those in need and dignifying place where they can come to ‘seek, knock, and ask.’”