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Welcome to Catholic Charities of Central Florida

A Ministry of the Diocese of Orlando

Embracing those in need with hope, transforming their lives through faith, compassion, and service.


Agape Mission Markets
The Agape Mission Markets provide food assistance, to meet families’ nutritional needs in order to prevent food insecurity. Learn More
Food Distribution
Behavioral Health Services
Behavioral Health Services provides mental health awareness and education, counseling services, and care coordination. Learn More
Comprehensive Refugee Services
Comprehensive Refugee Services provides programs designed to help eligible refugees integrate into the community and achieve self-sufficiency. Learn More
Immigrants & Refugees
Culture of Life
The Culture of Life Office provides opportunities to protect and defend the sacredness and dignity of human life. Learn More
Human Dignity
Family Stability Program
The Family Stability Program provides homelessness prevention, rapid rehousing services, and emergency financial assistance to those in need. Learn More
Financial Assistance
Human Trafficking Task Force
The Human Trafficking Task Force provides support for human trafficking victims along with education and resources for the community. Learn More
Human Dignity
Immigration Legal Services
Immigration Legal Services provides assistance with immigration, citizenship, employment authorization, and more. Learn More
Immigrants & Refugees
Medical & Dental Clinics
The medical and dental clinics provide free services throughout the Diocese of Orlando to eliminate barriers to accessing healthcare. Learn More
Pathways to Care
Pathways to Care helps homeless and precariously-housed men and women with a safe place to heal from serious injury and illness. Learn More
Resurrection Housing Services
Resurrection Property Management exists to create strong, sustainable and quality affordable communities in the Diocese of Orlando. Learn More
Senior Wellness Services
Senior Wellness Services offers activities and services that promote good health and socialization for adults over the age of 55. Learn More
By the Numbers
received assistance (July 2020 through June 2021).
served by volunteers (July 2020 through June 2021).
across nine counties in Central Florida (as of September 1, 2021).
Our Catholic Faith
Our Catholic identity is integral to who we are as an organization. Learn more about the Roman Catholic Church.
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Becoming Catholic
Explore the possibility of becoming Catholic. Find your local parish to inquire about the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).
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Mission & Faith
We are guided by the Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Learn more about our mission and faith.
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“I was set on fire in a random attack. I was homeless. I went to the hospital for third and second degree burns. I don’t have any family here, so the hospital placed me in Pathways to Care for aftercare. A big part of me being homeless is because I’m an alcoholic and an addict. This happened because of my addiction. That, and part of it I guess is my mental health, not being on my medicine for depression. I don’t know how to explain it. My mind was just in a complete scramble. Just being here, I’m really grateful…
Client, Pathways to Care
Genevieve: “When I was 10, I got onto this game, where you could be anything you want at any time. At the time, I loved My Little Pony, and they had a My Little Pony server. So I went on that server, and immediately, guys were all around—older guys. I met this one guy, and he was 16, and he was flirting with me hardcore—asking for my name and number—like pedophiles would do. Because I was a kid and didn’t know any better, I encouraged this behavior by doing the same thing back. “Over time, it got worse with other…
-Genevieve & Gisela
Volunteers, Human Trafficking Task Force
“We lived in Cuba. Cuba has a totalitarian regime. My wife is a doctor, and they wanted to force her to go to Venezuela on a mission. She got pregnant with our girl, and they do not allow pregnant women, so since then, our life got complicated. Over there if you do not cooperate with the system, they exclude you, and this includes not only us but also my father-in-law in his job, in our neighborhood, in the school. So, there came a time where it was hard to stay there, so we had to come over here. We initially…
Client, Family Stability Program

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Date Posted: 03.23.2022
I’m excited to share with you a special anniversary–Catholic Charities of Central Florida celebrates 60 years of ministry in Central Florida in 2022, making us one of the longest-serving non-profit agencies in the region. Gary Tester, President Before the Diocese...
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Date Posted: 04.27.2022
Come get food for your family! We are having a Mobile Food Drop at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Church on April 30! Food will begin being distributed around 10:00am, and we will continue giving it out until we run out. We...
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