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“Catholic Charities was helpful in a time when I needed it the most. I had gone through a very rough year, and in addition to being quarantined because of the pandemic, I lost a baby at 20 weeks and had to deliver him prior to moving to a new state a week later. I also lost our family pet, and shortly after moving to our new state, lost my grandmother. And a few months after that, found out that my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

I went back to work thinking that I was healed and ready to go, and work is work. Volume picked up, and it got a little intense which then resulted in my not-quite-healed self kinda just breaking down. It was then that I reached out to Catholic Charities to get connected with a counselor. I’ve been seeing my counselor for the past few weeks, and she’s been super helpful with helping me grieve and work through all of the heartache that’s been this last year.

In addition to matching me with a counselor who was a fit for me (and my insurance), she was also a fit for my spiritual needs. When it comes to my personal counseling, I would like to have someone who understands what it’s like to walk in faith and in hope. My counselor is someone who believes very much what I do, so walking with her has been great! She truly understands where I am coming from faith-wise—not only mentally. I am very grateful to Catholic Charities for helping me get through this season.”

Alexis moved to Florida last year and wanted to share her story because she thinks there is a stigma around mental healthcare… but that there shouldn’t be.