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“I give Catholic Charities credit everywhere because this ministry has made all the difference in my life. I had lost my job, and at the time, my husband had lost his job. I was trying to find another job. I was doing everything on my own. Long story short, I’m on my own now.
Ms. Lana helped me so much last year when I was going through that. I got a job, started building my income, and she just followed through with me making sure I was getting stable. She always checked on me. Trying to do it by yourself is hard especially when you have little children and you’re trying to pay every bill. It’s just overwhelming. It’s overwhelming when you’re not in a pandemic or when you’re not in a family transition, but for everything to happen at one time—your job, your household—I have to try to keep it together.
Ms. Lana was a life-saver. I’m just so thankful. When you’re trying to take care of the necessities, things just start building. When you’re struggling and just trying to get above water, this has just made all the difference in my life. God sent me Ms. Lana. God sent me Catholic Charities. This has been my blessing.
It’s so funny because I’m Pentecostal, so I believe in the Holy Spirit, and I can see the Holy Spirit all through this place. When Jesus left, he sent us the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is what shows our fruit, and the fruit of this place is just amazing. You can see it everywhere. Like I said, I’m just so thankful. This is everything.”
Ashley received financial assistance to help with bills and rent from Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s Family Stability Program and Lana, one of our case managers