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“I’ve got grandkids, and I said, ‘Man, my grandkids could be touched by this, and I got to know how to prevent that from happening.’ And then the other thing that was really interesting to me is that they the came to the conclusion that pornography is a lead-in to human trafficking. It’s a fueling thing.

There were a couple national conferences that I went online and participated in, and I found these books on how to help your grandkids—you know, little kids—know what this is and avoid it. Pornography now is as big of a problem as alcohol or drugs. The FDA and federal government have recognized it as a national security threat.

It’s a tremendous problem. [Christine, task force coordinator,] has put on some wonderful things as well as steered us to some other opportunities. One of the things I thought about was, ‘Do I want to hear a survivor talk? I don’t know.’ But you have to hear that because now you know! I mean these people are captives! I could be a victim and not let you know without risking my life. And you learn that when you hear these people talk.

There is so much of this in the world. It’s like, where do you start? Well, this is where I start! This is my little corner that I’m trying to help with, so I feel like one God’s little warriors when I am out there.”

Barry is a volunteer on the Diocese of Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force, which is a ministry of Catholic Charities of Central Florida. January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month.