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“It’s community. It’s social. As far as I’m aware, everyone that comes here is single, so it can be kind of lonesome living alone. I live alone, so it’s good to get out around people, and I’ve met some really nice people here. It started out with the line dancing. I really enjoyed that. It’s a good exercise. It’s good social interaction with other people. You have to use your mind. You have to listen, and pay attention. All those are positive things. I’m here several days a week because I enjoy the interaction with other people.
It’s very positive. It’s a safe atmosphere. You come and be with other people and have meals with them, which is always a blessing. The activities too: the line dancing and the crafts. Now, we’re learning Kindle. The Kindle program creates an atmosphere for us to learn and to interact with each other in that learning process. It opens up the world to us with the Wi-Fi, which is available here. I think it’s good for us as seniors to learn something new and develop new skills.
Christ is always first place in my life. It’s not a subject that comes up often because a number of the people here have slightly different beliefs, but I still think that spirit of Christ is present in the way we interact with each other.”
Flo attends activities hosted by Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s Senior Wellness Services in Lakeland.