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“I am from Haiti, and I live with a friend who referred me to Catholic Charities. He said Catholic Charities can help me with assistance and if I want to learn something. That kind of thing I really wanted because in Haiti, I learned computer science, and then when I came to America, I wanted to see if could have a path to do something like that. When I came to Catholic Charities and met with Yamilet, she was really nice and helped me with that. It was really good for me because I didn’t really know anything about that process, and it’s actually a lot of money, but Catholic Charities paid for me.

I love to help people. When the case manager position became available, because she knows me and my potential, Yamilet said, “You can do this!” It was really nice and a good experience to start as a client and become a case manager helping people and my community. A lot of people when they come to the U.S. need a guide because most of them live somewhere where they don’t have the right information.

The people of CRS are really amazing! I see them as a family. Thank you to Catholic Charities for giving me opportunities as a client and now as a case manager. I’m really happy and glad for this experience!”

Fritz is a former client, who now gets to serve as guide for his community as a case manager for Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s Comprehensive Refugee Services (CRS).