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“I saw a lot of families, and I think it’s always of a reminder of how pain is universally human. My pain is differently than these people’s, but they’re still in pain, and if I can do something to alleviate that, then I want to do it. Hunger is such a basic human thing—most people don’t think about it—but there are a lot of people that need to think about where their next meal is coming from, what they’re going to be doing for dinner tonight, and a lot of kids go to bed hungry. To me, if I can help alleviate a small part of that in any way, why wouldn’t I?

The thing that always bring me back is Jesus and the feeding of the five thousand. I don’t have fish or bread, but at the same time, we’re called to feed the hungry and help the poor. You know what I mean? If we can be like Jesus—since we’re made in the image of God, and we’re called to be His hands and feet—then why wouldn’t we?

My church group does this camp called Converge, and we stay at the church for a week, and we go out every day, and we do service projects. Our mission and heart this year just led us towards this. A lot of people were brought down by the pandemic really hard, and we wanted to be the hands and feet by doing what we’re called to do.”

Hallie and other students from EPIC Youth Orlando (Youth Ministry of University Carillon Church) helped out at the Agape Mission Market – Orlando (East) on Monday and Wednesday as a part of their Converge service week.