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“I have to take care of my elderly mother, and I’m not able to work, so we’re basically living on social security income. I’m more isolated due to the pandemic and unable to get help with people coming in and taking care of my mom, so that also limits my resources. The need has increased as a result of the prices of food continuously skyrocketing. Because of me being a full-time caregiver, I’m unable to really facilitate going out and bringing in more income, so this really, really helps us. Otherwise, I don’t think we’d really be able to make it.

Jesus didn’t just feed the 5,000 food. He fed them spiritually, and that’s what they do here. The thing that has really impressed me is that when I come here, the people who hand out the food and the people who help pack the food, they’ve become my friends, so… it makes me teary-eyed… but I feel that they offer more than food. I feel that they really offer hope. Not only do they offer hope, but I think that they do it in such a way that actually preserves our dignity. We don’t feel like we’re coming here begging, but we feel like we’re welcomed into a family.”

Janice has been coming to the Orlando (East) Agape Mission Market for a year.