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“When I was working in the financial department, there was a gentleman who called in—he was a veteran, and he was blind—and we were able to provide him services because he was not able to meet the needs of his house for paying his bills. We thought we had exhausted all funds, but in the end we were actually able to help him and dig in to some extra funds that we had. To be able to help a veteran, who served in this country and to provide him with food… bills assistance… that’s really important to me. Catholic Charities tries no matter what to assist their participants by any means possible.
“I enjoy being a part of a facility that puts the love of God first. What keeps me coming back is the happiness and the satisfaction that these people walk away with knowing that we are here at Catholic Charities to help them. And it’s rewarding to see how much an impact this giving has on their lives, so I love seeing them coming back for more and knowing that we are all working together.”
Julia is a social work intern from UCF and has been interning at Catholic Charities of Central Florida since January. She plans to continue volunteering when her internship ends.