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“I come on Tuesdays. I do the packing! We don’t see anyone. I am the ‘fruit division.’ I think of Christ and giving the first fruits. I was just looking to give back. I lost my husband a couple years ago, and I had all this time, and God has been so good to me that I wanted to give back. I know my sole purpose in life is to love and serve Christ and His people.

We laugh. We have tea. It’s just knowing that as we fill the boxes, knowing this is for that family, that is for that family, it’s such a good feeling. I think you come wanting to give, but you really leave with joy in your heart. There is no greater joy—and with COVID these days, so many people are home or alone. It’s sad what is happening. I encourage anyone who would like to come. They are going to receive the joy. We’re exhausted when we go home on Tuesdays, but I go home and it’s such a good exhaustion.”

Karen has been volunteering at the Agape Mission Market – Orlando (West) for three months. She comes on Tuesdays to get all the food (including the fruit) prepped for distribution on Wednesdays and Thursdays.