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“It’s been a long journey! When I found this program, it changed my life a little bit ‘cause I was going through depression, and Ms. Kim came by one time a week to check on me. Nobody else cared, but she was the one who came to check up on me or text me, “Are you ok?” And she said if I am feeling some type a way to call her anytime. This program helped me get to this day.” -Kemissa came from Haiti four years ago

“My sister and me, we’re really grateful because it was a big opportunity for us. When we got our asylum approved, they helped us with information about everything we had to do with our papers, our documents… everything. Without this program it would have been a longer process. We are very grateful for them because it was a big impact on us.” -José came from Venezuela almost four years ago

“It was a great experience for me because they helped me a lot with a lot of things. They helped me in school and they really helped me with my English. And they gave me a lot of good opportunities to know some good places here in Orlando, and I met a lot of people with them too. They changed my life in a positive way, and I feel grateful for that.” -Maria came from Cuba six years ago

Kemissa, José, and Maria celebrated their graduation with Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s Comprehensive Refugee Services team, who were instrumental in helping them get acclimated and settled in the United States. Kemissa hopes to become a registered nurse. José hopes to be an engineer or go into business. And Maria is joining the Navy. She leaves for basic training in August.