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“I needed help from a lawyer. It was a lot of money for me to hire a private lawyer on my own. My case was very sensitive because of a political asylum application. My wife basically tried to harm me because immigration sent us a notice to go to the interview. At that moment, she didn’t tell me about the notice, so I didn’t go. I was lucky because the court allowed me a very last chance to resolve this and resolve the case regarding asylum, and that’s why I came here to ask for help.
So when I came, everybody treated me well—with respect—and the attorney that was helping me at the time, her name was Brenda, but everybody else was also very respectful and helpful. Brenda helped me a lot. She went to court with me and just was there every step of the way. The Attorney Brenda, was preparing me to go to my appointment at court. Brenda called me and helped me prepare for the interview… even on the weekend! An attorney does not do that.
And I don’t think it’s just Brenda. I think it’s everybody here in general. And this is why I am very grateful for the Catholic Charities organization! And now the Attorney Mauricio is continuing Brenda’s legacy and helping me with my current work here at Catholic Charities. I can’t simply look away and not be grateful for everything I have received here.”
Kenol fled Venezuela and has been in the United States for about six years. He continues to work with Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s Immigration Legal Services team and is hopeful that the government will facilitate a pathway to citizenship.