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“I’m associated with St. Charles [Borromeo Catholic Church and School], and our school collects canned goods every week. Everything is donated, and so I wanted to figure out where it was actually going, and wanted to be a part of it to see the end result. My husband and I started a year and a half ago in the midst of the pandemic. We try to do it every other week. We also got our grandson involved. We’ve even got our adult son who comes with us periodically, and he’s 40. Our daughter, who’s 38, also comes occasionally.
I always come for the packing. I know who this benefits and who the clients are that come because we are part of what used to be Brother’s Keeper at St. Charles. I know it helps them, and that’s what we’re trying to do is help them.
Maria keeps me coming back. Her heart and soul are here. I would go to the end of the earth for her now. She truly believes in what she does, and that has made a believer out of me and my husband. I know Maria needs help. When I can’t come, it makes me sad. I’m used to being here on Wednesdays.
Sometimes everybody needs a little help. It all goes back to the loaves and fishes. We will feed them. We will feed with what we have. We will make it work.”
Mandy and her husband have been volunteering at the Orlando (West) Agape Mission Market for a year and half.