Volunteer Find Help Donate

“I found out about the Mission Market from a friend. They are very good people. I get food and volunteer. I come help—like today—when they’re short-staffed. They’re very good people. When I see that they’re stressing out because they don’t have enough volunteers, I come and help. They’re good people, and they help the community a lot, so I help them. Like now, this morning, I helped out packing the first load.

I’ve been coming here for about two years. The pandemic made it even harder. My husband passed away of COVID. It was scary to be out with other people—around them. Little by little I’ve been getting out of the house more, but they help me out a lot. I only live off my social security checks, so a little food helps.

This is a blessing because they help so many people in need. Things are so expensive in the stores now. You can’t go to the supermarket and buy meat. At least here, they give you meat, and they help you. Even if you don’t have an appointment, they have another line, but they still help. They help a lot of people, and that’s a blessing for everybody.”

Maria not only comes to receive food assistance from the Agape Mission Markets, but also chips in as a volunteer when needed!