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“I’ve known about Catholic Charities since I got to Orlando in 2002. I have been back a few times since then. Two months ago, we were short on money because of the economic situation right now. I needed to send money to my parents because my mom is ill, and my husband is disabled. He gets some insurance money, but it’s not enough, so I have two and half jobs. I was short and unable to pay the electrical bill, so I needed some help.
I work hard, and I pay my bills. I’ve asked for extensions because it’s hard, but that time it was two bills together, and I didn’t want them to cut my electricity. I got my husband sick at home, and my little ones are homeschooled–they need the computer, they need the internet, they need to work—so I asked because I needed it. If I hadn’t paid, they would have cut off my electricity in four days, but you helped me! Since I wasn’t qualified for certain help or certain programs, you helped me pay the electrical bill with a donation.
When you need help, you have to ask because you need it. I have been working since I got to this country. I never asked for anything—not even food stamps—just Medicaid for my kids. I work hard, and I made it, but sometimes you have to get help. I had to come say thank you in person because you were good to me! When people/organizations/communities/churches are good to you, be thankful.”
Although Martha has proudly “made it,” like many others, the current economic climate has been difficult on her family. Thanks to our incredible donors, we are occasionally able to help people even when they do not qualify for assistance through our usual channels. To donate, please click HERE.