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“I had just moved back from Virginia. I was just lonesome and missed my family. One day I was walking to the library, and I saw this sign for the seniors, and it was all decorated and pretty. It was so nice. They had good hot food. They had a garage sale. It was just so nice. They did sketch comedy and skits. They always had something for us to do. We played cards and games and did crafts. It was just something for the seniors to do and not to stay home all the time, and I really enjoyed it.

Now, we’re not doing too much. Not yet. A lot of the people have passed away. I hate to say that, but… uh… a few of them passed away, and I think a few of them don’t even know we reopened yet. I just miss the people. A lot of the old people. Like one couple, Frank passed first, then I talked to one of the ladies, and she was like, ‘Rose passed too’—Frank’s wife. This virus put a lot of hurt on a lot of things. I just… I don’t know…

I met a lot of nice people. I’ve met old friends here and a lot of new people, so it’s good. And I’m getting out, so that’s another thing. Three days a week now. Before, I wouldn’t move. I would just stay home and do what I wanted to do—just crochet or look at TV. But I’m happy to be able to get out now and do something. Barb [program manager] is a doing a good job. Barb is blessing.”

Mary has been attending events hosted by Senior Wellness Services for nearly 15 years!