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“I just felt like helping places, so I just called around to everybody, when things first started opening up. They needed help here, so I jumped on it, and I’ve been here a little over a year.

What I love about volunteering here, is that everybody gets along well, and that’s great. For the most part, people who come to us really do appreciate what we do here, which is nice. I try to keep an open dialogue with them. There’s a big benefit to what this pantry does. Some of these people are hurting really bad. You see them come up—people who sleep on the street or in their cars and others in their homes—they really need it. Some people have been out of work for a while now, so they come up here and are all, “God bless you!” and “Thank you!” It makes it worthwhile.

I see Christ moving here in a good and positive way. That’s what it’s all about! The Lord is the one who keeps me coming back. He keeps on telling me to keep going. Some days you don’t really want to or have other things to do, but you make time for it. You have to make time for people.

If you’re considering volunteering, jump in! It’s great! And Maria is outstanding. She is a very good lady.”

Matthew is one of the dedicated volunteers at the Orlando (West) Agape Mission Market. Maria, also a volunteer, leads the team there.