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“I see agape in the distribution of food freely without any return. That is an expression—a manifestation—of agape, and it’s beautiful. I think what you’re doing here is a wonderful service to the community, and I tell people about you.

During the pandemic, I relied on the food pantry very heavily because I’m a musician, and my work and streams of income have been very much altered, so this is a supplement, and it’s a wonderful supplement. And I believe it’s coming directly from heaven through you all, and I recognize that and appreciate it.”

Michael, who primarily stays home caring for his wife who suffered a severe stroke in 2019, visits the Agape Mission Market for help with food. Agape (Greek: love) wills the highest good for another—the type of unconditional love God has for us. It is an ongoing benevolence—willing (-volence) what’s good or best (bene-) for another.