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“I was diagnosed in 2018 with diabetes and neuropathy. Through my diabetes, I have different visions and need different glasses. It comes and goes. I’m here at Lazarus clinic because they help me with everything I need. A lot of things I can’t afford, since I don’t have any insurance or income due to my disease. I hate saying it, but diabetes is a disease.

I’m very grateful, thankful for Lazarus clinic that they took me in, and provide me with all the medical needs. Also [giving me a walker], since I have no feeling on my left side. It is numb all the way to my hip and across to my right side. I fall down quite often. The clinic provided me with a walker until I am able to get my own.

Like I said, they are very helpful with whatever I need if I don’t have it they make sure they will get it for me. I am thankful for Ms. Myrta [site manager] and Ms. Dinah [volunteer nurse practitioner]. I want to thank everybody. I am thankful for their being here and being in my life.”

Monica is a patient at the Lazarus Free Medical Clinic in Wildwood.