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“I really like the people that I’ve met here. All of [them] are really cool, so I really enjoy that. I think the cause is really good as well—coming in and making these bags to give to people who so desperately need it. I think those are two really good things that I’ve gotten from this place.

It’s really nice to understand different people from different backgrounds and the differences between them. I think it’s mostly just the experience of interacting with different people. I’m in a middle class home, so I for most of my life have been—not isolated—but for the most part been very stuck in one area. So I think having an experience like this, where I’m interacting with Spanish-speaking people a lot—when I went to high school, I didn’t get that interaction very much—I think it’s a good experience. It gives me that cultural understanding of how other people operate and such, understanding their backgrounds, and then just meeting people.

Jesus has always been about helping others and being able to get out there and give—trying to make sure we get things out there to the people. [The Agape Mission Market’s] core mission itself is directly in line with Christianity as a whole. Us giving out this food to people that just is directly in line with the core values of Christianity and serving others and making sure everyone is served.”

Riley recently started volunteering with the Agape Mission Market – Orlando (East) as a part of his school social work program. He serves in the afternoon helping prepare the bags and boxes of food to be distributed.