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“I was shot in my head by a stray bullet while sleeping at home back in September 2019, and of course, that has affected my job. I have been out of work for over two years because of the injury. I had my surgery in January 2020 to remove the bullet. It was a risk because they told me I could be paralyzed after removing the bullet, but thinking about my 4-year-old son with special needs, I had to pray about it and take that leap of faith to remove the bullet. I still have issues with my head. I have chronic headaches. It’s consistent, so as a result of that, I’m not back at work yet.
I heard about Catholic Charities and have been getting assistance from them for my son with special needs. I can always look to them especially for my baby diapers and personal hygienic stuff. I’m a single parent, so it’s just me and my son, so this has been a tremendous help for me and my son because when I call, I don’t have the money. My son is autistic and he has behavioral issues along with other birth delay issues, so he would use more diapers than an average child would use per day, so Catholic Charities has been a great help. It has been a tremendous help, and I wanted to show how appreciative I am!”
Samantha hopes to be able to return to work in February. Until then, she has been receiving help from the Culture of Life ministry at Catholic Charities of Central Florida.