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“Since COVID hit, I lost my job. I was an aid, and a lot of patients had passed. I recently just got two jobs, so still trying to pick things up before I can stop coming here, but they are always a blessing. A little bit goes a long way.

Instead of having to go food shopping constantly, I save about $80 instead of having to spend it. It’s a lot easier. We have a family of ten. In addition to my own family, I am taking care of my sister’s kids, since she had passed last year because of COVID. I took in her kids for her, so I’m taking on her four as well. There are just more mouths to feed and everything seems to be going up more often for bills, but the food has been a big help.

It’s always healthy food. The people here are very considerate. They are always out helping and making sure you’re fine before you leave. Compared to other food banks I’ve been to, I love this one to be honest.”

Samantha has been coming to the Agape Mission Market – Orlando (East) since November 2020.