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“Last October, I had a surgery, and I have been in a wheelchair since October of 2020. I had arterial blood clots and a seven and a half-hour surgery. I was relatively healthy before that. Found out I was diabetic, and in February, I had some heart problems, and they put two stents in. They gave me a CT scan, and they told me, ‘Your heart is the least of your problems. We don’t know how to tell you this, but you have 19 clots on your lungs, and there are two of them within a half-inch of your heart. We can’t even give you a medical reason why you’re still alive.’

One pulmonary embolism normally kills people. There were doctors coming from all over to see the guy who had 19 blood clots. When they said, ‘We cannot give you any medical reason,’ well I said, ‘I know there’s a reason that I’m alive—that is my Lord Jesus Christ and God.’ And I believe that. They told me I only had a couple of weeks to live, and that was last February, and I’m still here.

God has given me a lot of peace and the strength to deal with this. And I am very grateful for this opportunity here at Pathways. This is perfect for me, and I’m very grateful. The staff here is tremendous. They are very dedicated to what they do. And I’m extremely grateful for this program. God has really opened a lot of doors for me, and I feel different now than I have in a lot of years of my life.”

In addition to everything else, Steve had to have his left leg amputated in August. He is currently a patient and recuperating at Pathways to Care.