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Pathways to New Hope

In celebration of Father John Bluett’s 60th Anniversary of Priestly Ordination

The Pathways to New Hope project will give new life and hope by providing opportunities for reduced rent housing and advancement.

It is Father John’s dream to provide housing and educational opportunities to individuals seeking a new start and an opportunity to become self-sustaining at a new hybrid residential and job training campus in Sanford, Florida. It will serve as a platform to help 25 people every six months rise from precarious housing to a more stable environment by way of a vocation that leads to sustained employment and sustained housing.

We have already made substantial progress, and we are pursuing an accelerated timeline to serve our brothers and sisters in need without delay. Fruition of this project is anticipated in three phases: purchase of the building, renovation phase and programmatic phase. However, it is possible that these plans may change if the building cannot be purchased, if partners change, etc.  If plans change in an unforeseen way, your gift will allow us to continue with Father John’s vision and dream of supporting people in need. Be assured that any changes to this vision and these plans will be communicated clearly.

We appreciate your prayers and support and join with you in praying that this project comes to fruition as soon as possible to benefit the people who need this campus and services.

Thank you! Your gift allows us to continue with Father John’s vision and dream of supporting people in need.


For questions about donations and other ways of giving, please contact:

Diana Garcia

Development Manager

407-658-1818 ext 1236