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“When I left Haiti in 2015, I went to Brazil, and I was there until 2017. After that, I left for Mexico while two months pregnant. From there, I came to the United States.
At Catholic Charities, Mr. Ambroise was the one who helped me. He helped me sign up for SNAP, Medicaid, cash assistance, and the work permit, which allowed me to get a job. I was eight months pregnant at the time, and my other kids were still in Haiti. They were being threatened to be killed, so I had them come over, and I applied for TPS on their behalf. They received the documents and everything. I have a work permit, so I don’t need to apply for TPS.
After Catholic Charities helped me with my SNAP application, I began receiving SNAP assistance for me and my children in November 2021. I am very grateful, and I am so happy for the help of Catholic Charities!”
Philomene came to Catholic Charities of Central Florida in 2018 after fleeing Haiti (via Brazil and Mexico) and received assistance from the Family Stability Program, Comprehensive Refugee Services, and Immigration Legal Services.