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“Catholic Charities helps people within the community. They touch everybody here, so that was one of the main reasons that brought me here. What has impacted me the most is being able to touch so many people within the population because every day it’s someone different. One day, you’re helping feed people who don’t have food or people who have a limited budget to helping someone get into a house.
There was a 64-year-old gentleman who was affected by COVID and was hospitalized. He lost his wife. He survived COVID, but in having that, he fell behind because he was unable to work. He was in the process of losing his house, his electricity was getting turned off, and we were able to successfully help him to navigate through Orange County and Our Florida to make sure he didn’t lose his home and electricity, so he could survive and get back to work and making money again. His case really touched me.
There is somebody there. You might not physically see Him, but He is there. The case workers are always trying to share that with our clients.”
Tracy is social work intern from Walden University serving with the Family Stability Program.